Teaching Philosophy

Education is LIFE and every learner's social, emotional, physical, intellectual and moral needs must be addressed.

I believe in balanced curriculum with international, multi-cultural and global focus that respects mono-culturalism and sense of self.  The curriculum should transcend national borders and every learner should be an active participant in this inter-connected world. Although the content is globally focus, the implementation should gravitate in building the sense of respect and sense of self of each student.

I believe in providing safe, fun, engaging, challenging, meaningful and timely content and activities to the students. Meaningful learning is possible by successfully activating prior knowledge and previous experience with new knowledge and experience. Enabling students to connect the curriculum content with their own experiences can facilitate learning easily. 

I believe in shaping the students with problem solving and critical thinking skills. Building their fine and gross motor skills together with leadership, collaborative and organizational skills.

Schools must facilitate in preparing caring citizens. Our students must be respectful with their parents, families, friends, peers, teachers, school, environment and  global society.

I believe in the use of technology, including the use of social media, and adapting modern trends in enhancing learning, at the same time school should protect and educate learners on its threat to safety and health.

The school should enforce inter-subject and inter school collaboration. Cooperative learning must be exercised and teachers should be given time to collaborate together.

Lastly, I believe the teachers should model learning. We ourselves muse be life-long learners, risk takers and committed in introducing new concepts. Teacher should love, enjoy and dedicated to what they are doing; by only then that learning can automatically transcend to our students. The school must take care of its asset and should help them to be equipped with all knowledge and experience through continuous professional development.

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