Art 1: Layering and Metamorphosis

This Art 1 lesson was inspired Kseniya Beliaeva. Students studied Kseniya's love of line, pattern and use of metamorphosis. 

Before the lesson, students needs to use their art journal and look at the word metamorphosis as image strategy.

Tina Nguyen

Students will select a Theme. 

Richie Nghian

They have to do an investigation around this particular theme

Ly Dinh Bao

Then they will use symbols and icons related to this chosen theme.


Using some compositional strategy, students will manipulate the cutout images and will use layering.

Kim Hyunah

They need to recycle, synthesize and resolve different options until they come out with their final draft.

Alice Lin

They will redraw all the icons and symbols, and select one or two colors. These colors should not dominate their composition.

Kim Hyunah

Eun Jeong Kim

Finally, they will do some patterns and doodles in some areas to act as background

Saba Mundlay

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